Please read and understand the following points to improve your experience when using the Toden Real-Time Information Service.

・The Toden Real-Time Information Service (hereafter referred to as this service) is a service provided by Toei Transportation (hereafter, referred to as Toei) free of charge.

・This service includes information about services provided from our website to PCs, mobile phones, and smartphones, and from our information display devices and simplified current bus location display devices installed at bus stops.

・Toei is not responsible for any losses or damage caused by the contents of this service, or its failure, stoppage, change, or termination.

・Please use this service on your own responsibility.

・You can't sometimes use this service by the communication situation, functions or settings of your device. Toei can't respond to your individual situation.

・This service is designed to improve the convenience of users by providing Toden Arakawa Line operating statuses. However, it takes some time for information to be reflected in this service, so the displayed information may differ slightly from the actual status.

・The displayed waiting time and traveling time are just guides. Therefore, the arrival time may be different from the estimated time due to traffic. We show you walking course in some services. Use the information as auxiliary one since it may not always show the best course.

・By the GPS precision, communication situation, an instrument breakdown and a network breakdown, the location of the bus can't be indicated correctly and indication of bus goes off.

・Toei reserves the right to change, add, or remove part or all of the contents of this service regardless of reason and without prior notice.

・The copyright for the layout, design, and configuration of this service is owned by Toei. None of the information provided by this service may be used for other than the private use of individual users without the prior permission of Toei, in accordance with the Copyright Act. No information provided by means of this service may be used or disclosed by a third party without the prior permission of Toei.

・The Toei Route Search uses information from NAVITIME JAPAN Co., Ltd.
The map uses the Google Maps Service.

・This service might be stopped without notice due to server or network failure or in order to perform maintenance.

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