Bus Real-Time Information Service

Q.Although the bus status was "Not arrived at the stop" according to the current bus location display, the bus had actually passed the stop already.
A.It takes a while to reflect the current location on the display. Please refer to "Information as of ****" as a guide.
Q.What does a "00 min." waiting time mean?
A.Although 00 min. typically means a time less than 60 seconds, the bus may already have passed.
Q.The displayed waiting time was different from the actual waiting time.
A.The displayed waiting time and traveling time are just guides. Therefore, the arrival time may be different from the estimated time due to traffic. Please come to the stop a little earlier. Please note that the actual waiting time may differ from the displayed waiting time at the stop due to the system specifications.
Q.The displayed waiting time is too short.
A.To prevent customers from missing their bus, the displayed time is the lowest estimation. Therefore, the bus may come earlier than the estimated time depending on traffic lights or the road condition.
Q.The current bus location display does not show some bus stops.
A.This is because there is no information for the bus stops before the origin stop. Usually the current bus location display shows the information for up to 6 bus stops. However, there may be fewer stops shown near the origin stop. Also buses departing from the middle stop in a route depart without providing information on their current location.
Q.The information is not updated automatically.
A.This service does not have an auto-update function. To view the latest information, select the Update button.
Q.I always check the information for the same stop and same destination, but this whole process takes too much time.
A.The information can be viewed immediately by registering the page you often check to your browser's Favorites or Bookmarks file. For details, please refer to the instruction manual for your device.
Q.The page I registered to Favorites or Bookmarks cannot be accessed all of sudden.
A.The destination URL might have changed when the Toei Bus Information Service page was changed due to the change of a bus route etc. Please access the page from the top page and register it again.
Q.The information on the Toei Bus Information Service was different from the display for the current bus location.
A.The information on this service page is processed by using a different method from the current bus location display. Therefore, the information between these services might differ.
Q.The bus operation status or timetable was not displayed for some bus routes that start and end at the depot.
A.Only some of the bus routes that can be included in the main routes are displayed. However, the routes that are branched because of the page configuration cannot be displayed due to the system specifications. We are still investigating this, but in the meantime, please confirm with your local bus office.
Q.Timetable of the PC version is not displayed correctly.
A.Upon use of this service, you must enable JavaScript in your Web browser on your computer (active script). Refer to the Help of your Web browser for more information. If you can not enabled, refer to the timetable of the mobile phone version.
Q.Can the waiting time increase?
A.Please understand beforehand that estimated waiting time may be changed according to a road situation.

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