Bus Real-Time Information Service
|Display Description

●Toei Bus Information Service menu
・Select the function to be viewed.
* For details about how to operate this menu, refer to the instruction manual for your mobile phone.

●Current Bus Locations
・Select the origin stop, bus route, and destination stop to view the current bus location from up to 6 stops away.
・The estimated waiting time is displayed for each bus on the current bus location display.
・At the bus stop, the following message is displayed depending on the bus operating status:
1) If the delay of the next bus is less than 1 minute:
 This bus is running on time.
2) If the delay of the next bus is between 1 and 3 minutes:
 This bus is running almost on time.
3) If the delay of the next bus is between 3 and 5 minutes:
 This bus is running approximately on time.
4) If the delay of the next bus is over 5 minutes or exceeds the scheduled time of the last bus:
 Information on current buses cannot be provided at this time.
5) If the estimated departure time of the next bus is within 5 minutes:
 This bus will depart in 5 minutes.

●Bus operation status
・Select a bus operation status to display the bus locations on the whole bus route.
・Select a bus stop in the window to display the estimated waiting time at the stop and the traveling time between this stop and the next stop.
・Select a bus symbol to display the operating status of that bus.

●Rout map
・Route map shows the actual bus service area.
・The bus route sections are drawn by solid line, regardless of number of service, the day ,and time.
・Please confirm the timetable of your bus stop and Toei Bus Route Map of our official web site, when you actually use Toei bus.

●Toei Timetables
・Timetables can be viewed here.
●Toei Route Search
・The recommended route using Toei Transportation (Toei Bus, Toei Arakawa Line, Toei Subway and Nippori-Toneri Liner) can be searched here.
・If using a circular route, if the route stops at a bus office, or if there are several stops at which you can change routes, the search results may not be displayed properly.

●Find a Bus Stop
・Select an area to check the Toei bus stops, available bus routes, and timetables for that area.

●Find a bus
・Select a bus that has advertising on it to view the operating status of that bus. Only the information that the advertiser wants to disclose can be searched.
・Image information is not provided when viewing from a mobile phone.

・The bus location on the display is the estimated location at the time displayed on the window. The displayed location may not match the actual bus location.
・The displayed waiting time and traveling time are just guides. The arrival time may differ due to traffic.
・The operating status may not be properly displayed due to factors such as a bus breakdown.
・The features of this service may be changed without prior notice.

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